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Welcome to the Yardi Public Housing User's Group

The Yardi Public Housing User Group (YPHAUG) is the official support site for Public Housing Authority's currently utilizing Yardi Systems' products and services.

If you are a Yardi client, you can register for a YPHAUG account here. Once your account has been approved for access to the users group from our Forum site, you will be able to post and read about other concerns and solutions posted by other members.

Establish your YPHAUG account and take advantage of the benefits today. Please note all applications are screened prior to becoming an active account. Incomplete information or personal email addresses may delay account activitation.

For more information on the YPHAUG website, contact Jeffrey Craig at jeffrey.craig@ptsconsultinggrp.com

For more information about Yardi Systems, visit http://www.yardi.com

For a copy of the YPHAUG By-Laws, click here.

2013-2015 Executive Committee
Francisco Camarena, IT Coordinator, Ventura Housing Authority
Jeffrey Craig, Director of Information Technology, Housing Authority of DeKalb County
Tina Hoffart, Finance and IT Manager, Grand Forks Housing Authority
Carol McGrath, Senior Accountant, Fort Collins Housing Authority

Tim Williams, IT Administrator, Fort Wayne Housing Authority
Gabrielle Van Horn, Yardi Systems, Inc.
William Rhodes, Director Information Technology, Ventura Housing Authority
Crystal Rothrock, MIS, Paducah Housing Authority

Beth Campbell, Director of Managed Housing Programs, Housing Authority of the County of Contra Costa